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What can be learned in a foreign language purely by sound, over the radio or on MP3, from native speakers?
The goal is for beginners to understand and repeat 300-400 words as native speakers say them, slowly and clearly.
With this solid pronunciation, beginners can advance to other classes, listen to radio and movies (with subtitles), and talk with other learners or native speakers.
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Total Number of Words Counting Basic Words Taught by Arithmetic Time Sounds & Context: Animals Sounds & Context: Other Widely-Known Countries (by Cognates & Context) Capitals with Distinctly English Sound, or English Language Other Geography & context Other Cognates & Context
403 28 45 44 80 49 40 22 69 26
Audio to teach counting
\ short low beep 1 and program man trumpet Canada Ottawa north kilo
\\ 2 are Monday woman gong Mexico south gram
\\\ 3 times Tuesday boy bell United States Washington east liter
\\\ \ 4 is Wednesday girl siren Argentina west meter
\\\ \\ 5 minus Thursday baby guitar Colombia middle kilometer
\\\ \\\ 6 subtract Friday male drum Venezuela coast centimeter
\\\ \\\ \ 7 from Saturday female flute Brazil city hectare
\\\ \\\ \\ 8 divide Sunday men piano Peru capital acre
\\\ \\\ \\\ 9 by January women organ Chile of mile
! medium pitch 10 squared February people violin Britain London the Celsius
! \ 11 cubed March children harp Ireland Dublin a degrees
! \\ 12 multiply April child music France Paris country Coca Cola
! \\\ 13 divided May young static Germany Berlin America Nestle
! \\\ \ 14 add June old high Italy Rome Europe Visa
! \\\ \\ 15 zero July born low Spain Madrid Asia cold
! \\\ \\\ 16 half August I loud Portugal Lisbon Africa hot
! \\\ \\\ \ 17 third September we quiet Switzerland Antartica ice
! \\\ \\\ \\ 18 quarter October you rain Vatican Arctic freezes
! \\\ \\\ \\\ 19 fifth November they wind Russia Moscow snow boils
!! 20 sixth December he thunder China Beijing Atlantic steam
!!! 30 seventh months she airplane India New Delhi Pacific president
!!! ! 40 eighth days sing fly [plane+bird] Pakistan Islamabad Indian prime minister
!!! !! 50 ninth years song car Afghanistan ocean monarch
!!! !!! 60 tenth from whistle drive Saudi Arabia Mediterranean king
!!! !!! ! 70 thousand morning whisper horn Iran sea queen
!!! !!! !! 80 million afternoon hum in Iraq Caribbean pope
!!! !!! !!! 90 billion evening drink above Israel Arabian
/ higher pitch hundred trillion night scream below Indonesia Djakarta Red [sea+fire]
which sun squeal sky Bangladesh Dacca black [night]
Audio would count smaller moon laugh tear Phillipines Manila blue [ocean]
continuously to 100,  bigger hours speak paper Thailand white [snow]
for drill, but we do than minutes shout clang Japan Tokyo green [forest]
not count them as  or seconds sneeze steel Korea yellow [desert]
independent words not noon snore creak Australia Canberra Potomac
between midnight sleep wood Nigeria Abuja river
many was nap rock South Africa Pretoria Nile
more will cry glass Congo Amazon
most be walk fire Egypt Cairo water
fewer spring run sizzle Algeria Algiers land
percent summer dog hammer Morocco wet
fraction autumn cattle [sound] saw dry
after winter cow ['female cattle'] drill Sahara
before decade bull [male cattle] sand desert
middle century calf [young cattle] splash forest
about sheep slap dollar
ewe echo euro
ram sweep money
lamb explosion pound
horse beep Catholic
mare Protestant
stallion Moslem
foal Hindu
goat Buddhist
billy goat Jewish
nanny goat religion
kid priest
chicken minister
hen imam
rooster monk
chick rabbi
crow bishop
songbird United Nations
owl New York
duck Himalayan
drake mountains
duckling Alps
bird Andes
mammal top
bee bottom